Step 3: Developing an Action Plan

Your action plan will be the road map of your community’s strategies for age-friendly planning. Create your action plan by using the needs assessment results to forming priorities and identifying practical strategies. This stand-alone document will guide the implementation and evaluation of AFC activities by outlining timelines and roles. Your action plan activities should also include measurable success indicators that will be used for evaluation. Objectives and activities should line up with your community’s other plans and grouped by the AFC dimensions. 

 Step 3 Key Tasks:

Task 3.1:
Analyzing the information collected through your needs assessment.

Task 3.2:
Identifying strategies that address service gaps that your needs assessment showed.

Task 3.3:
Turn strategies into an action plan document.

Sort, summarize, and interpret the data you collected through your needs assessment survey.


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As a steering committee, choose strategies that are most likely to be successfully applied in your community.


How-to Page 

Create a document that will guide implementation and evaluation. Organize activities by the AFC dimensions.   


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 Resources to Support Your Work

Action Plan Template (Age-Friendly Alberta) 

Step-by-Step Guide to Qualitative Analysis (H. O’Connor and N. Gibson)

How to Make Sense of Open-ended Responses (SurveyMonkey)

Brantford and County of Brant's Master Aging Plan (Example)

Mississauga's Older Adult Plan (Example)