Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program

The Government of Ontario funds the Age-Friendly Community (AFC) Outreach Program, a program of the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility. The AFC Outreach Program is administered by the University of Waterloo, Queen's University, Huntington/Laurentian University, the Ontario Interdisciplinary Council for Aging and Health (OICAH), and the Seniors Health Knowledge Network (SHKN). 

This program is designed to help communities, including recipients of Ontario’s AFC Planning Grant:

  • increase awareness of age-friendly planning principles,
  • share best practices,
  • and start, continue, evaluate and improve on their AFC action plans.
The AFC Outreach Program builds on and complements Ontario's AFC Planning Guide and the AFC Planning Grant Program. The program aims to increase awareness about AFCs connectivity within and between AFCs, and capacity for local planning and implementation.
Lisa, the Knowledge Broker for the AFC Outreach Program, can be reached at