Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, Town of

Population: 2,712


Heidi Ferguson
(705) 368-3500 ext. 230

Program Description:

The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands completed their Age Friendly Community Plan in 2016. They are currently in the Implementation stage of the planning process. The council has been quite successful in implementing several components and action items within the plan and they will continue to work towards implementing the goals moving forward. To date, some of the focus areas have included enhancing community infrastructure, such as the completion of a minimum of 100 meters of sidewalks each year, developing an Age Friendly Community Trail throughout the community, encouraging the provision of transportations services for individuals with disabilities and promotion of alternative transportation options such as cycling. 

Current Funding:

  • New Horizons Grant
  • Municipal core funding
  • Other grant

Current and Completed AFC Project, Programs, Initiatives:

Project/Program/InitiativeRelated Domain
Building an Age-Friendly Community Walking TrailOutdoor Spaces and Public Buildings
New Sidewalks (523 meters of new sidewalks installed in two highly travelled and populated streets)

Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings


Active Transportation (Supported and encouraged the provision of transportation services for individuals with disabilities and promoted alternative transportation options such as cycling)


Seniors Housing Development (2017 - a brand new eight housing development for seniors was completed by the private sector)Housing
Zoning for Alternative Housing (Council’s new Official Plan supports the consideration of multi-residential alternatives, specific to urban and/or rural zoning, with potential unit size specifically to granny flats and basement suites)Housing

Soup to Tomatoes (Arm chair based exercise program in partnership with the Sudbury District Health Unit)

Social Participation

Community Support and Health Services

Happily Ever Active (Fitness program where seniors 55+ were eligible to receive a one-month free gym membership)

Social Participation

Community Support and Health Services

Workshop Learning Series (Focused on a variety of educational learning opportunities such as estate planning, how to not outlive your money, navigating technology, Staying safe in your home, etc. and included having Seniors mentoring Seniors)

Social Participation

Civic Participation and Employment

Respect and Social Inclusion
Regular weekly programming (Indoor Winter Walking, Adult Crafts, Adult Free Skates and Weekly Board Games)Social Participation
Tech WorkshopsSocial Participation


Community Documents:


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