Hanover, Town of

Name of Committee: Hanover Age Friendly Advisory Committee

Population: 7,688


Program Description

Hanover Age-Friendly Advisory Committee has been functioning since June 2017. It is led by a municipal advisory committee. An action plan has been created from their Needs Assessment report. They ahve implemented an Age-Friendly Speaker Series from November 2017 to March 2018. The committee has featured a variety of topics related to older adults including safety (fire & home), dementia friendly, legal matters, hearing health and driving. They have created an inventory of older adult services and programs that exist in Hanover.  Current initiatives include Walkability Assessment and older adult communication including a regular ad in the newspaper and expanded distribution of the Senior Star newsletter.

Current Funding:

  • Some funding via municpal budget
  • Senior Community Grant Program 

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs, Initiatives:

Project/Program/InitiativeRelated Domain
Walkability Assessment 

Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings


Inventory Program & Services

Communication and Information

Social Participation

Age Friendly Speaker SeriesCommunication and Information

Community Documents:


This profile was updated July 2018.