Ajax, Town of

Population: 119,677


Program Description:

Currently, the Town of Ajax is in the community engagement phase of developing its Age-Friendly Ajax Community Plan.  Engaging with our local residents, businesses, and community organizations to evaluate and help identify shared priorities for creating an age-friendly community.  A resident survey, community stakeholder survey, a conference, a variety of presentations, focus groups, and lastly open houses were all a part of ensuring the planning process was entirely communal and representative of our diverse population. October will mark the end of our consultation process and our Age-Friendly Ajax Steering Committee will begin data analysis, identifying common trends, setting goals, objectives, identifying stakeholder involvement and timeframes for implementation. 

The Town of Ajax has outlined its entire Age-Friendly Ajax community planning process on our online portal www.ajax.ca/agefriendly, where our progress is kept up to date and the community can engage through surveys, posting ideas, and pinning areas of age-friendly concern on a map according to dimension. 

Current Funding:

  • Municipal core funding

Community Documents:


This profile was updated September 2019.