Burlington, Age-Friendly Council

Name of Committee: Burlington Age-Friendly Council

Population: 183,314


Program Description

In 2016, Community Development Halton received a three-year Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant to enhance the work of the Burlington Age-Friendly Council (BAFC). The Council is made up of an independent body of individuals and organizations dedicated to improving the well-being of older adults. The BAFC works collectively with community members, groups, and organizations to achieve common goals. Currently, there is a focus on building capacity to deliver Empowering Seniors Education Series on topics that are relevant to older adults. The BAFC committee work includes Housing, Transportation and Mobility, Communication & Information, Respect and Social Inclusion and Social Participation.

The BAFC will be addressing the domain of Civic Participation and Employment, its challenges, implications, gaps, and strengths from a variety of perspectives, including issues pertaining to ageism.

Currently, the BAFC is undergoing an evaluation process with results expected in early 2019.

Current Funding:

  • Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs, Initiatives:

Project/Program/InitiativeRelated Domain
Let’s Ride the Bus” (3-hour event on a bus with lunch included)Transportation
Free Transit (Offered by the City of Burlington to seniors 65+, Monday to Friday 9:30 am. to 2:30 p.m. This is an 18-month pilot beginning in June)Transportation
Halton HomeShare Program (Matches older adults with renters who can help with household responsibilities. Halton Housing Help screens applicants and provides follow-up monitoring services)


Respect and  Social Inclusion

Life After Retirement (Lunch and learn sessions for corporate and non-profit partners that explore topics that focus on active aging and are led by volunteer senior connectors)

Social Participation

Communication and Information

Grandpals Program (Intergenerational program where seniors in community and retirement facilities exchange letters with grades 4.5, and 7 classes)

Respect and Social Inclusion

Civic Participation and Employment

French Connection (Intergenerational program where French speaking seniors meet every other week with grade 7/8 French immersion students to hold French conversations - improving language skills, breaking down barriers of ageism, and cultivating and enhancing French language)

Respect & Social Inclusion

Civic Participation and Employment

'It’s Not Right' Elder Abuse Prevention 

Respect and Social Inclusion

Communication and Information

Senior Connector Program (Local services train senior volunteers who then set up booths in public spaces to share information with and answer questions from their peers)

Communication and Information

Civic Participation and Employment

Speakers Bureau (Series on Age-Friendly Topics given in Burlington)Communication and Information
Empowering Seniors Education SeriesCommunication and Information

Community Documents:


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