Ottawa, Council on Aging / Age-Friendly Ottawa Network

Name of Committee: The Council on Aging of Ottawa, Age-Friendly Ottawa Network

Population: 934,243


Program Description

The community is a period of transition while seeking funding to further develop the infrastructure to support other community initiatives. In early 2018, the Age-Friendly committee recommended forming a network of community champions to advance the work of Age Friendly Ottawa with annual meetings of the partners.

As part of the COA commitment to the Age Friendly Ottawa program, we have embedded the age-friendly approach to its work and many of the activities are currently being driven by these committees, including Housing, Health (health literacy, long term care); Transportation (rural transportation, older drivers, pedestrian safety, hospital parking); Social Inclusion; and Income Security.

As the newly configured Age Friendly Ottawa Network, we are focused on age-friendly neighbourhoods and age-friendly businesses. The Council will seek funding to support these two initiatives: 

  • Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods - Working with the Federation of Community Associations we are exploring ways to build capacity to support planning at a community/neighbourhood level.
  • Capital Aging: An Age Friendly Ottawa Business Initiative – Working with the Ottawa Board of Trade, we produced a market research paper. With some additional seed funding, we have piloted a networking and workshop series to boost eh number and types of businesses that serve seniors well.

To download the market research paper on the size of the older consumer market in Ottawa that is based on the 2016 Census, go to:

The Council on Aging of Ottawa / Age-Friendly Ottawa Network also works closely with the City of Ottawa that leads the Older Adult Plan

Current Funding:

  • New Horizons Grant (2016-2019 – Pan-Canadian Social Isolation Project – COA is the backbone support agency on the Community Impact Plan) 
  • Municipal Core Funding (City funding to deliver programs, age-friendly initiative as part of this programming)

Current and Completed AFC Projects, Programs, Initiatives:

Project/Program/InitiativeRelated Domain
Snow Moles Walkability Audits (Include neighbourhood audits, hospital parking lot audits and Snow Moles audit of winter walking). French siteOutdoor Spaces and Public Buildings
Seniors Ride Free (Surveyed seniors about their access to ride public transportation free on Wednesdays)Transportation
Housing Options for Moderate Income Seniors Forum (Fall 2018)Housing
Capital Aging (Age-Friendly Ottawa Business Initiative)Respect and Social Inclusion
Keeping Ottawa Seniors Connected Project (2016-2019, one of nine pan-Canadian projects working to reduce social isolation with funding from ESDC. For more information, check out and Social Inclusion
Seniors in Focus (Series of short videos on seniors who have experienced isolation)Respect and Social Inclusion
Open Doors Pilot Project (Discontinued at this time)Respect and Social Inclusion
Elder Learning Circle (Guided conversations about aging and life in seniors community housing in order to create social relationships, discontinued at this time)Respect and Social Inclusion
Seniors Without Walls (Teleconference program offered by Good Companions to reach isolated seniors through weekly telephone conversations, presentations, and storytelling. Recently partnered with Centre de services Guigues to provide telephone programs in French, as well as Barry’s Bay and Area Senior Citizens Home Support to help grow the program in rural communities)

Respect and Social Inclusion

Community Support and Health Services

Social Participation

Retiring on a low-Income Workshop (COA in partnership with the Ottawa Public Library delivers six workshops each year on retiring on a low income in both English and French)

Communication and Information

Social Participation

Healthy Literacy Project (Peer-to-peer learning program about taking charge of your health, discontinued at this time)Community Support and Health Services
Evaluation Framework (Expecting the release of a report on the local data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Fall 2018)All

Community Documents:

  • Age-Friendly Ottawa Website includes links to:
    • Age-Friendly Community Action Plan (2015-2016)
    • Taking Charge of Your Health Pilot program
    • Building an Age-Friendly Business Community
    • Measuring Age-Friendly Results


This profile was updated September 2018.