FASTlinks Web-based Maps

FASTlinks are web-based maps that display links for elder care services in South East Ontario organized into 10 common elder care domains. The 10 domains are organized by function, rather than disease diagnosis. FASTlinks was developed by the CSAH in collaboration with the Aging with Co-morbidities Network.

Who should use FASTlinks?

FASTlinks Maps have been developed as a system navigation tool for primary care health professionals in South East Ontario who are treating frail elderly patients with multiple co-morbidities (two or more health conditions that are unrelated but interact to affect the person’s overall health) associated with functional impairment. Health care professionals in other care settings, older adults with functional impairment and their caregivers may also find FASTlinks useful.

The 10 FASTlinks Maps

There are 10 FASTlinks web-based Maps for 10 Common Elder Care Domains (Maps will open into a new browser window):

NOTE: We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to view FASTlinksBETA. FASTlinksBETA may not display as intended in earlier versions of Internet Explorer. Check with your network provider if you are having trouble viewing FASTlinksBETA.

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