Fall Prevention Community of Practice

Publication/Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Loop is the online communication platform that brings together front line workers, practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners working for the health and independence of the public through fall prevention. Loop is a place to problem-solve together and discuss how to implement evidence informed and promising practices.

This free, bilingual online platform allows members to:

  • Network: Find an expert, mentor or collaborator. Search members by area of expertise, location or name.
  • Find answers: Harness the knowledge of our members to find an answer to your fall prevention question quickly and efficiently.
  • Work together: Collaboration tools and private groups make working together online easy. Keep all your agendas, minutes and documents in one place which only invitees can view.  Networks, committees and project teams are all welcome to join Loop.
  • Access evidence: A Knowledge Broker to help find evidence-based information.

Loop is a non profit initiative for knowledge and information sharing. We are pleased to share knowledge and information with the private sector, but for-profit products and services cannot be endorsed or promoted on Loop, either through discussion posts or messages to other Loop members.


Fall Prevention Community of Practice

This Community of Practice (CoP) strives to create supportive communities where adults enjoy quality of life and maintain their independence through the prevention of falls. We support our members to build capacity in the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries.

A CoP is a group of people who come together to exchange information on a topic. We bring together practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners working for the health and care of older adults. Community members make a commitment to support and learn from one another and to develop new knowledge to advance the field of practice.


What does the CoP offer?

  • Education and training on fall prevention
  • Sharing evidence-based resources and information
  • Access to research evidence through a skilled Knowledge Broker
  • Partnership building
  • Chance to inform research
  • Updates on promising practices and policy changes


Who benefits?

People working in health care and social services

  • Access evidence-informed tools and resources, networking opportunities, training and education
  • Develop stronger practices and policies


  • Understand health and social service practitioner, public and caregiver perspectives
  • Collaborate with other researchers for more impactful projects
  • Put your results in the hands of people who can create change

The health care system

  • Less duplication and a coordinated approach to fall prevention

Older adult groups and caregivers

  • Get better services, care and experiences in your community

Have a question about loop? Get in touch with:

Shameeza Allard, Knowledge Coordinator
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
416-422-2228 ext. 217

Have a general question about fall prevention or the CoP? Reach out to:

Marguerite Thomas, Consultant - Liaison 
Fall Prevention Community of Practice

Have a question about cop partnerships or governance? Connect with:

Hélène Gagné, Program Director
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation
416-422-2228 ext. 206