This category of user includes the Nursing role (APN, RN, NP), Phsyiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and other affiliated roles.

This webpage provides basic precautions for winter and ice walking to avoid falls.

This publication provides and identifies 10 common problem areas based on activity which can contribute to falls in the home. A review checklist and suggestions for adaptations/modifications are offered to enhance independent living. 32 Pages.

This guide provides facts along with health and environmental tips for the older adult to prevent falls and injuries in their home. 4 Pages.

This resource provides information on selecting and use of a walking aid. The correct adjustment of the cane, crutches and walker is reviewed. 2 Pages

This handout includes information about how to get a proper fit and use a walker safely. 1 Page.

This handout includes information about how to get a proper fit and how to use a cane safely. 2 Pages.

This pamphlet offers tips to the aging adult to live well and reduce the risk of falling. 2 Pages.

This pamphlet presents older adults with facts on falls and and tips to help reduce the risk of falling in the community.
2 Pages.

This handout provides seniors and their families with footwear tips to promote safe walking and avoid falls. 1 Page.

Resource provides older adults and their families with basic information about falls, risks, and prevention strategies. 3 Pages.