Ces affiches encouragent les gens à prendre le temps pendant la période des Fêtes pour avoir des conversations sur la planification préalable des soins avec leur famille et leurs proches.

These posters encourage people to take time over the holiday season to have Advance Care Planning conversations with family and loved ones.

Excessive anxiety that causes distress or that interferes with daily activities is not  a normal part of aging, and can lead to a variety of health problems and decreased functioning in everyday life. Between 3% and 14% of older adults meet the criteria for a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

Prevalence of anxiety disorders in the elderly is high.  Current research shows that between 5.5 and 10% of seniors are suffering from an anxiety disorder.  Their prevalence is even higher in persons living in institutions like a retirement home. Among them, women are twice as likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder as men.  Anxiety disorders are at least two times more frequent than depression in the elderly. 

This poster is intended for Family Practice Physicians.  It explains that Advance Care Planning (ACP) opportunities often arise when there is a change in a patients health but ACP is appropriate for everyone.

Parlons-en a conçu des ressources pour vous aider a integrer ce volet essential des soins a votre pratique familiale achalandee. L’occasiom de parler de planification prealable des soins se presennte lordqu’il y a un changement dans l’etat de sante d’un personne. Cela dit, la planification prealable des soins, c'est pour tout le monde.

This Speak Up poster is intended for Family Practice Physicians.  It explains that Advance Care Planning (ACP) opportunities often arise when there is a change in your patient’s health, but ACP is appropriate for everyone.


This one page handout provides an overview of the Advance Care Planning process in Ontario as well as the hierarchy of Substitute Decision Makers in the Health Care Consent Act, s.20.1.

This document is intended to summarize key differences in legislation surrounding Advance Care Planning across Canada.  It outlines the legal terms for the person appointed to be the desicion maker of an incapable person along with a listing of province specific terms for Advance Care Planning related legal forms.

This two sided, folded wallet card is designed to help people understand the process of Advance Care Planning in Ontario as well as provide a convenient way to keep your Substitute Decision Maker information easily available.

This website provides helpful information for older adults to help keep them safe from abuse; information for families and friends to help them identify abuse and for everyone to know what to do if abuse or neglect happens.