This one page handout provides an overview of the Advance Care Planning process in Ontario as well as the hierarchy of Substitute Decision Makers in the Health Care Consent Act, s.20.1.

This document is intended to summarize key differences in legislation surrounding Advance Care Planning across Canada.  It outlines the legal terms for the person appointed to be the desicion maker of an incapable person along with a listing of province specific terms for Advance Care Planning related legal forms.

This two sided, folded wallet card is designed to help people understand the process of Advance Care Planning in Ontario as well as provide a convenient way to keep your Substitute Decision Maker information easily available.

This website provides helpful information for older adults to help keep them safe from abuse; information for families and friends to help them identify abuse and for everyone to know what to do if abuse or neglect happens.

The South East Regional Elder Abuse Prevention Planning Network (REAP) website provides helpful information to help understand different forms of abuse, how to get help, and other related resources.

For many seniors, the holidays are not a time of celebration and joy, but only serve as reminders of how lonely he or she may be, the friends that have passed on, the lack of family get-togethers and an inability to participate in such events. Commonly known as the holiday blues, elderly depression during the holidays affects singles, divorcees, and seniors around the world, and not only during the traditional holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but other events as well.

While researchers from around the world work to find new ways to treat Alzheimer’s and prevent the on-set of dementia, families and people affected by different stages of dementia must make good use of all available tools to address the cognitive and emotional symptoms of the condition. One important such tool is music.

Depression greatly diminishes a person’s quality of life, personal joy and productivity. Too often elderly persons who reside in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or live alone suffer from depression. Their declining health and functioning, multiple life changes, and diminished personal resources are factors predisposing them to depression. Unfortunately, those family members who care for them also suffer disproportionately from depression and other adverse health conditions.

Il s'agit d'une affiche conçue pour promouvoir Advance Care Planning avec espace pour ajouter votre logo.

This french Speak Up poster is designed to promote Advance Care Planning and have a space to add your organizations logo.

Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is recommended for everyone, including older adults with a disability. It is never too late to start exercising. Older adults often ask about the risks and benefits of exercise.