Mesothelioma can lessen your life expectancy, but the amount depends on factors like your overall health and the cancer’s stage and cell type. Learn about the factors that influence how long people live with this cancer. 

If you were in a crisis and needed help, who's the first person you'd call?  Most people immediately think of a family member, whether it be a sibling, parent - or grandparent. And that's just what phone scammers are counting on when they target elderly victims with what's been dubbed the "Grandparent Scam."

This webinar reviews reporting abuse and crimes within the  for people with communication disabilities. This webinar was held on May 18, 2016 and is brought to you by Communication Disabilities Access Canada and is made possible through funding from The Law Foundation of Ontario. For more information, you can visit us on the web at:

This newsletter style handout dispels common myths about Consent and Capacity in the Long-term Care home setting and provides a list of helpful resources.

This booklet contains forms for Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care from the Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario.

This brochure is intended to explain the role and importance of being a Substitute Decision Maker in Ontario.

This brochure is intended to be a healthcare decision aid for patients and their Substitute Decision-Makers (SDMs).  

This brochure explains the importance and process of Advance Care Planning.  Other related resources are recommended.

This summary document outlines recommendations from the Law Commission of Ontario related to Health Care Consent (HCC) and Advance Care Planning (ACP) in the development of ACP resources for use in Ontario.