Skin Cancer Prevention Explanation

Find out what skin cancer is and how you can protect yourself. 

Older Adults & Health Issues Related to Season or Climate

This reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources on health issues related to season or climate. Resources on depression, insomnia, dry skin, environmental pollution, climate change, temperature and influenza are included. 3 pages. 

“Seventh Age Itch”: Preventing and Managing Dry Skin in Older People

This article discusses the importance of identifying dry skin early, determining causes, removing triggers, using emollients, managing dry, itchy skin and skin tears.

Infections in the Elderly

Jolene Heil, RN, ET, MCIScWH, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Wound Care at Providence Care presented Wound Management in Long-Term Care to health care professionals in South East Ontario on June 14, 2016.  A copy of the pdf flyer and presentation are available below.

In this issue, you will find we have updated our format to include more information about our partnerships. June's featured topic is Skin Integrity. We have recently added a number of new resources to    

Skin Integrity & Wound Care - Reading List June 2016

The Norton Pressure Sore Risk-Assessment Scale Scoring System