FASTlinks is a series of web-based maps that display links for elder care services in South East Ontario organized into 10 common elder care domains. The 10 domains are organized by function, rather than disease diagnosis. FASTlinks was developed by the CSAH in collaboration with the Aging with Co-morbidities Network.

Highlights of this issue include a reading list on "Aging, Resilience & Disease Management", updates from Age-Friendly Communities Ontario Outreach Program, Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Baycrest, Brainxchange, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and Senior Friendly Care.

Information about Call for Abstracts, Call for Innovatiors as well as funding opportunities are included.  A number of upcoming events and educational opportunities are listed. Sign up to receive Linkages directly here.

October 16-18, 2018 at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. This event will showcase a multi-disciplinary program of research and innovation from acros

This article discusses how the aging inmate population is growing and how there is a lack of adequate infrastructure and geriatric care in Canadian federal penitentaries. Common health issues include Hepatitis C, Parkinson disease, dementia, cancer, and end-of-life care.

This article explains how there is a lack of health services for aging inmates in Canada particularly regarding dementia, end-of-life care, and community resources.

This Canadian annual report released in 2017 addresses the aging inmate population and provides health care recommendations for federal corrections, prevention of deaths in custody, conditions of confinement, Indigenous corrections, reintegration, and federally sentenced women.

This article provides information on Canada's aging prison population and significant health concerns that affect the older inmate population.

This article shares the experiences of aging inmates within American federal prisons as well as its financial costs to provide health care.

This reading list includes links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources to support older adults to age in place. These include research articles, resources to share with older adults and their carepartners, publications on community based strategies and initiatives, studies on the impact of neighbourhood on the health or older adults and  information on technology to support aging in place. 4 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Correctional Services Canada Online Resources for the Care of Elderly Offenders

This series of relsources and online courses provides a foundation for understanding, recognizing, assessing and managing health care concerns in the Older Offender. you can use the Navigator, below, to fine-tune your search for material that is relevant to health care delivery the Correctional Services Environment.