Highlights of this issue include a reading list on "Aging, Resilience & Disease Management", updates from Age-Friendly Communities Ontario Outreach Program, Alzheimer Society of Ontario, Baycrest, Brainxchange, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and Senior Friendly Care.

Information about Call for Abstracts, Call for Innovatiors as well as funding opportunities are included.  A number of upcoming events and educational opportunities are listed. Sign up to receive Linkages directly here.

This article discusses how the aging inmate population is growing and how there is a lack of adequate infrastructure and geriatric care in Canadian federal penitentaries. Common health issues include Hepatitis C, Parkinson disease, dementia, cancer, and end-of-life care.

The investigators conducted a systematic review of studies which examined the relationship between physical illness/functional disability and suicidal behaviour (including ideation, nonfatal and fatal suicidal behaviour) among individuals aged 65 and older. 30 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Bone Fit Workshops in Your Community!   

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians needlessly fracture each year because their osteoporosis goes undiagnosed and untreated. There is a huge care gap for Canadians who break a bone due to osteoporosis: 80% never receive appropriate osteoporosis care, leaving them at substantial risk for further costly, debilitating and often life‐threatening fractures.

If you are a health care professional or exercise practitioner working with people with osteoporosis, Bone Fit™ is a great training workshop that can help you attain the knowledge and practical skills for designing and adapting safe exercise programs to help reduce the risk of fractures for people with osteoporosis.

Bone Fit™ is a comprehensive and practical workshop covering safe exercise prescription & adaptation; fracture risk assessment; safe adaptation of daily activities, gym exercises, yoga & Pilates. All material presented in the workshop is rooted in anatomical principles, up-to-date evidence-based research and best practices in the management of osteoporosis. The goal of the Bone Fit™ Basic & Clinical workshops is to provide safe, effective, evidence-based exercises to create a continuum of care for people with osteoporosis from the clinic to the community or home.

Bone Fit™ Basics is a 1-day workshop aimed at exercise and fitness professional working in the community with uncomplicated osteoporosis clients. Bone Fit™ Clinical is a 2-day workshop aimed at rehabilitation professionals working in a clinical environment with simple or complex osteoporosis clients. Breakfast & lunch is included in the registration fee for both Basics ad Clinical workshops.

Please see our calendar for upcoming 2018 Bone Fit™ workshops in your community. For more information on Bone Fit™ visit: www.bonefit.ca 

To register for this workshop, please email Education Coordinator: kng@osteiporosis.ca or call 1-800-463-6842 ext. 2290

Wednesday, September 12 from 12-1 PM EDT. Improving access to strength and balance programming is an important public health strategy to reduce falls. The recreation sector is an ideal partner to help public health in this pursuit. This webinar presented by Kelly McKay and Darcie Taing, will provide an overview of the innovative partnership with the Ottawa municipal recreation department to deliver fall prevention exercise and education program for older adults that began in 2014. To register, click here.

8 November 2018, 12-1PM EST. Join Dr. Maureen Ashe & Dolores Langford for this beyond the break OTN webcast presentation.  Event #83387747. Click here to join the live webcast presentation.

Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 1:30-2:30 PM EDT. Last year was the Fall Prevention campaign’s most successful year to date. This panel style webinar presentation will host five presenters from four initiatives that took place across the country in November 2017, which focused on fall prevention activities from system level changes to local public facing events. Emily PowellRaili QuathamerKim FurlongMegan Oakey, and Samantha Bruin, are all key individuals who were crucial in the success of these events. They are here to share their stories, experiences, lessons learned and practical advice for future fall prevention month events, large and small. Please join for this free interactive webinar! Register here.

This report presents key findings on physical, mental, and social aspects of aging using data collected from 50,000 Canadians aged 45-85. It highlights insights related to: physical and psychological health, loneliness and social isolation, caregiving and care receiving, transportation and mobility, work and retirement, physical function, disability and falls, lesbian, gay and bisexual aging, and lifestyle and behaviour, among others. 210 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

June 8 - 9 2018 at Brescia University College. This conference is an annual learning and networking event for senior fitness instructors, volunteers, health promoters, students and other individuals who work with community-dwelling older adults. The event includes a mix of active and informative sessions including: practical applications of recent research, tips for safe exercise for older adults, and modifications for all levels of abilities. To learn more or to register click here.