Suicide Risk in Older Adults: The Role and Responsibility of Primary Care

This publication reviews a number of risk factors, appropriate screening and intervention in a primary care setting. 12 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Screening for Suicide Ideation Among Older Primary Care Patients

The objective of this study was to assess whether brief screens for depression (GDS and GDS-SI) have acceptable operating characteristics in identifying suicide ideation among older primary care patients and to examine potential sex differences in the screens accuracy. 13 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

A Suicide Assessment of Elderly Military Veterans: Best Practice Guidelines in Long-Term Care

This publication acts as a guideline for assessing suicide in elderly military veterans in long-term care based on the evidence available. 6 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Elderly Suicide: Risk Factors and Preventative Strategies

This paper reviews the evidence about the risk factors associated with suicidality among the elderly, mainly factors related with mental health illness and mainly depression, somatic illnesses, chronic pain and psychosocial factors, like social isolation, bereavement and financial problems. Interventions aiming to reduce suicide rates from a social policy and prevention perspective are included. 6 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Association Between Cognitive Deficits and Suicidal Ideation in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder

This article describes a study investigating the association between cognitive function and suicidal ideation in patients with major depressive disorder. 6 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Suicide in Older People: What we Know and is it Preventable?

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of suicidal risk factors, statistics and euthanasia with a particular focus on New Zealands context. 55 slides. Last reviewed July 2018.

Medical Illness and the Risk of Suicide in the Elderly

The authors explored the relationship between treatment for several illness and the risk of suicide in elderly patients using a population-based approach by analyzing records of Ontario residents aged 66 and over for a 8 year period. 6 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Risk Factors for Suicide in the Elderly: What do we Know? What do we Need to Find out?

This publication provides an overview of risk factors as well as gaps in knowledge. Future directions for research are recommended. 6 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Predictors of Suicide Ideation Among Older Adults with Bipolar Disorder

The investigators sought to understand if older adults with bipolar disorder (BD) are at the same level of risk of death by suicide as younger adults. Their findings suggest that BD in combination with alcohol misuse, medication non-adherence as well as cognitive difficulties predict suicide ideation in older adults with BD. 13 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.

Antidepressants and Suicidal Behaviour in Late Life: A Prospective Population-Based Study of Use Patterns in New Users Aged 75 and Above

These investigators examined the associations between antidepressant use patterns and the risk of fatal and non-fatal suicidal behaviours in older adults who had initiated antidepressant therapy. 8 pages. Last reviewed July 2018.