Foodborne and Waterborne Illness Among Canadian Indigenous Populations: A Scoping Review

This scoping review investigated the link between food saftey and the occurrence of foodborne and waterborne illness in Canadian Indigenous populaitons. 7 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

An Examination of Residential Schools and Elder Health

This report investigates the health of First Nations and Labrador Inuit elders living in their home communities and the impact that residential schools have had on their social determinants of health. 28 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

Anti-Aboriginal Racism in Canada

This link includes 3 videos of webinars featuring Dr. Charlotte Loppie that explore anti-Aboriginal racism in Canada, how to understand it in historical context, how it affects individuals and communities, and what programs, policy and strategies exist to combat it. Last reviewed November 2018.

Aging and Frailty in First Nations Communities

The primary objective of the study described in this article was to apply a frailty index that was validated in the general Canadian older population to describe aging experiences in First Nations populations living on-reserve and in northern communities. The results shared are a key step in documenting the experience of older First Nations people at a national level from a First Nations perspective. 12 pages. Last reviewed November, 2018.

Income and First Nations Elderly: Policies for a Better Future

This study examined income among elderly, the differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal elders and policy issues. 13 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

Aboriginal Peoples and Historical Trauma: The Process of Intergenerational Transmission

This paper begins by providing an overview of the existing knowledge of trauma, how it is defined, and how it must be conceptualized within the context of Aboriginal people in Canada and the impacts of trauma  for generations.  32 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

An Introduction to the Health of Two-Spirit People: Historical, Contemporary and Emergent Issues

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of historical, contemporary and emergent issues related to Two-Spirit health. 32 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

Older Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Demographics, Health Status and Access to Health Care

This paper includes a summary of previously published data on Aboriginal peoples and 2006 Census information, a comparison of older Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations, It concludes with a discussion on issues and challenges in improving health outcomes for older Aboriginal Peoples moving forward, 33 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

Understanding Inequalities in Access to Health Care Services for Aboriginal People: A Call for Nursing Action

This article describes 3 qualitative exploratory research projects investigating Aboriginal people's experiences of access to health care services in the urban, rural and inner city settings. 16 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.

Empathy, Dignity, and Respect: Creating Cultural Safety for Aboriginal People in Urban Health Care

This publication provides an overview of why cultural competency and cultural safety are needed. It is intended as a primer for health care providers and leaders, governments, and the Canadian public. 78 pages. Last reviewed November 2018.