This publication investigates the predominantly sedentary lifestyles of older adults in the UK and how they can be encouraged to increase their activity levels, including possible risks and benefits. 24 pages. Last reviewed September 2018.

This reading list includes links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources related to osteoporosis. Topics include:

  • the relationship between Alzheimer's Disease and osteoporosis
  • diabetes and lower bone mineral density
  • falls and fractures
  • exercise interventions
  • frailty and osteoporosis
  • osteoporosis in men
  • osteoporosis in women
  • glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis
  • nutrition

5 pages. Last reviewed September 2018.

This report is authored by Dr. Samir Sinha, Allan McKee, Ivy Wong, Julie Dunning, Michael Nicin, and Dr. John Muscedere. It shows that frailty is a common condition more prevalent in older populations, which increases an individual’s risk of falls, emergency department visits, hospitalization, institutionalization, and death. The problem, the authors argue, is that frailty is not being measured consistently in Canada, which makes it difficult for health providers and governments to address.

Wed. Jan 9, 2019 from 12-1pm EDT. Join Lianne Singer, University Health Network as she discusses the recnt trend of transplant programs accepting older donors and recipients with more chronic health problems.  She investigates the possibility that some of these patients are frail which results in poor outcomes after transplantation. She discusses a study to develop and test the usefulness of a new tool to measure frailty in donors and candidates for heart, lung, kidney or liver transplantation. To learn or to register click here.

This position statement is an update to the 2012 version and includes recommendations for future research. 26 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

The authors investigated the association between frailty index (FI) or deficit accumulation and risk of falls, fractures, death and overnight hospitalization in women 55 years and older utilizing data from the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW) Hamilton cohort. 11 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

This publication describes an investigation of the predictive accuracy of the frailty index of deficit accumulation and the phenotypic frailty model at predicting fall and fracture risk in women 55 years and older. 14 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

The authors explored the effects of modifiable and non-modifiable factors on changes in frailty in community-dwelling adults aged 50+ years who participated in the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos). 14 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

In this consensus paper, the Belgian Bone Club aims to provide a state of the art on the epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of osteoporosis in frail individuals, including patients with anorexia nervosa, patients on dialysis, cancer patients, persons with sarcopenia, and the oldest old. 20 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

Wed. Aug. 29th from 12-1PM EDT. Join Michelle Grinman of the University of Calgary and Greta Cummings of the University of Alberta as they discuss a project aimed to develop a triage tool for Long-term Care Homes, similar to e-INTERACT in the United States to proactively identify residents at risk of transfer to emergency departments and/or death in the greater Toronto area with a potential for spread across Canada. To learn more or to register click here.